Mum Avoids Car Parking Fine At A&E After Child Falls Ill

A Lancaster mum avoided getting a parking ticket at A&E after parking on double yellow lines – Because ambulance staff sweet talked a traffic warden.

Sarah Moore was visiting Royal Lancaster Infirmary after her daughter Lacie-Christina became ill. Moore’s daughter had split her head open and blood was emanating “everywhere”.

She parked her vehicle on double yellow lines knowingly and said she was “aware” that she could be fined. North West Private Ambulance Liaison Services approached her and informed her that she could get a parking ticket.

Once Moore returned to her vehicle, she found a note from a traffic warden. Moore said that the “Random act of kindness had really helped and it restored my faith in people”.

A spokesperson from Lancashire County Council said; “The enforcement officer on duty was able to consider the person’s case as an exception. The officer came to this conclusion after speaking to ambulance staff on duty at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary”.

A note from the ambulance staff was placed on Moore’s car window. It said; “We spoke with the traffic warden and told him about your situation and managed to sweet talk him into letting you off under the circumstances.”

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