19-Year-Old Planned A UK Terror Attack After Researching Columbine Mass Shooting

A teenager from Gloucester has been found guilty following a suspected planning of a terror attack in the UK.

Kyle Davies, a 19-year-old from Wotton in Gloucester, was found guilty of ‘attempting to import a gun and ammunition with the intent to endanger life’ after his arrest in June, 2018.

Davies ordered a handgun from the ‘darkweb’ which would have been used to emmulate mass murderers that the teen idolises.

The gun along with ammunition were stopped by American Homeland Security Investigations at an airport in New York.

After the investigators alerted UK security services, Homeland Security worked alongside Gloucester Police to prevent Davies from following through with ‘phase two’ of what can only be imagined to be a horrific plot.

Detective Inspector Kevin Till, of the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit (SW ROCU), led the investigation. He said: “The depth of research Davies had carried out and the extent of his planning under what he himself termed ‘phase one’ leaves us in no doubt he was intending to follow in the footsteps of the murderers he idolised.

“The intervention by Homeland Security at Newark Airport undoubtedly led us to a very dangerous individual. A meticulous investigation, closely supported by forensic experts and the CPS, has clearly shown his intent to harm others and, ultimately, ensured he never had the opportunity to move on to ‘phase two’.”

Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Attaché London, James Mancuso, said: “We stand shoulder to shoulder with our UK law enforcement partners and their fight against firearms trafficking.

“Through this partnership, we have been able to prevent a man from obtaining a firearm and ammunition, which has potentially foiled a mass casualty event. We commend the dynamic and impressive work of the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit and other UK law enforcement teams that participated in this operation. Their dedication to ensuring the safety of their residents has undoubtedly saved lives.

“HSI will continue to enforce US firearms export laws and further ensure the continued international investigative efforts against firearms trafficking.”

According to a Glocester Police spokesman, Davies had saved extensive reserch into mass shootings on his electronic devices; while also building a shopping list of items such as, gas mask, body armour and ingredients to make explosives.

The spokesman also said, “Sentencing has been adjourned to a date yet to be fixed, pending psychiatric reports. Davies will also be sentenced for two counts of evading the prohibition on the importation of firearms and ammunition and two counts of making indecent images of children, which he pleaded guilty to at a previous hearing.”.

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