4 Ways to Stay Fit During Summer

We’ve all heard the words ‘getting in shape for summer’, but it can be a big statement to follow. Finding your motivation is key to starting your fitness plan, but, with warmer temperatures and endless distractions, summer can be the hardest months to stay motivated.

Regular exercise provides numerous benefits; increased energy, better health, weight loss. If you’re seeking to keep your motivation, take a look at four ways you can stay fit this summer.

Keep Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is incredibly important; it energises and cools your body down during the hot temperatures. It is recommended you drink 8-10 glasses of water per day, and during summer, we need to replenish the water you lose when you sweat.

Dehydration can cause you a number of problems, from headaches to irritability, to muscle cramps. When exercising, ensure you are drinking plenty of water.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Who doesn’t enjoy being in the outdoors on a sunny day? Sometimes finding yourself going to gym can be hard, but you can take your exercise outdoors! Plan your routine and workout, and enjoy exercising in the peaceful outdoors.

To beat the hottest temperatures of the day, try to workout in the early morning or evening; the cooler times of the day.

Go for a Swim

Swimming is a fantastic workout for the body, working all your muscles. Not only can swimming keep you cool in the summer, but it’s great for keeping your fitness levels up. The summer months are perfect for enjoying this fun and challenging exercise.

Delve into Sports

Why not exercise and workout doing something you love? Grab some friends and turn your fitness into something fun, such as football, rugby, basketball or running.

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