Amazon Is Now Selling A 1kg Bottle Of Lotus Biscoff Sauce

This may just be the best news you’ll hear this week; Lotus Biscoff sauce is now available on Amazon.

Lovers of the caramelised biscuit can now get a squeezy bottle of topping sauce for £12.99 on

Shoppers can also pick up the same product on eBay.

Anyone for icecream, cheesecake and diabetes?

A History of Lotus Biscoff Cookies:

Lotus Biscoff Cookies are a type of shortcrust biscuit known as “speculoos,” a Belgian specialty. Throughout Europe, these mid-day treats are known as Lotus Speculoos.

Speculoos were traditionally made for special occasions, including weddings, births, and to celebrate St. Nicholas’ Feast on December 6. Belgium’s talented bakers would decorate their speculoos in elaborately carved patterns – what better way to learn?

Back in 1932, Lotus Bakeries decided these cookies were too good to limit to special occasions. The original recipe, which remains unchanged, made the speculoos an instant favorite in Europe’s famous cafés. Speculoos continue to hold a lofty position in Belgian culture – every fifth cookie enjoyed in Belgium is a speculoos (Biscoff).

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