Police Told To Step Up Patrols Of Guild Hall Full Of Drugs & Drink

Earlier this week, Preston Hub shared an image taken by Steven Fludder which showed the Preston Guild Hall in a very bad way.

Taken refuge by homeless people, injecting themselves with drugs and drinking alcohol, the Guild Hall has fallen far since Preston City Council took back ownership just over 7 weeks ago.

A local source informed Preston Hub that the Council have hired security to monitor the Guild Hall during weekday evenings, leaving the only nearby security team based at LeVel (Who are employed by Rigby at his venue).

Preston City Council is reportedly seeking additional assistance by Preston Police to patrol the site on a regular basis and move on any homeless people at the venue.

Local people have seen homeless people injecting themselves with drugs and subsequently pass out.

Fludder told Lancashire Post; “I understand that homeless people need help and a place to go, but this is different. This is people openly taking drugs, violence, and anti-social behaviour right in the city centre.”

Last Sunday (4th August), a 36-year-old man was attacked and had his bike stolen at the Guild Hall. Three men were seen running away from the scene. No arrests have since been made and the man was taken to hospital.

Preston City Council also took to social media to make people aware that there are still businesses operating from within the Guild Hall complex.

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