A Chorley Park Will Now Become Part Of A Police Patrol Route Due To Anti-Social Behaviour

Chorley Police have said they are aware of recent anti-social behaviour at a local park and will be tackling the issue ‘head-on’.

Anti-social incidents have become a theme of local policing recently, as authorities have used dispersal orders in the area to deal with the behaviour.

Now, Chorley Police, in a statement on social media, has clarified that they will be patrolling Devonshire park more recently, following on-going issues.

A spokesman said, “Regarding the on-going issues with Anti-Social Behaviour at Devonshire park, we are aware of the issues surrounding persistent anti-social behaviour and the area will become a frequent patrol route for our Neighbourhood Policing Team who have identified it with support from the public and Chorley Council that it is a frequent hotspot for Anti-Social Behaviour.

“Work is being done with Chorley Council to tackle this issue head on and is being taken seriously.

“Anti-social behaviour that spoils the area for families and others will not be tolerated and those responsible will be held accountable for their actions. Thank you for all your support.”

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