Police Follow Marks Made By Vehicle With No Wheel To Find Two Car Thieves

Lancashire Road Police were called to reports of ‘loud scraping noises’ before discovering two car thieves attempted to steal a Renault with no tyres.

Officers following investigating the reports that came from residents in Walton-le-Dale found scatches left in the road.

The trail led to a vehicle that had a tyre torn off after a collision with a kerb.

A Lancs Road Police said, “Resident in Walton-le-dale contacted police having heard loud scraping noises. #HO51 attended and noticed scrape marks in the road surface.

“These marks were followed for 2-3 miles until this vehicle was found with offenders trying to move it. Two arrested for UTMV. #T1TacOps”

Police confirmed that two people were arrested.

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