Best places to celebrate National Potato Day in Preston

Tomorrow (19th August) is National Potato Day so we have comprised a top list of where to get your potato fill in Preston.

‘The Potato Man’, City Centre

Are you even from Preston if you don’t have childhood memories of the Potato Man?

Celebrate Potato Day the Lancashire Way with a bag of ‘baby news’ with salt and a tub of parched peas with vinegar… that’ll sure put some hairs on yer’ chest!

Andreas’ Fish and Chip Shop, Penwortham

Andreas’ Chip Shop, Penwortham
Photo: Andreas’ Chip Shop; Facebook

Winner of Lancashire’s Chip Shop of the Year 2018, you can be sure of quality with an order from Andreas’

The family run establishment has been keeping locals in chips since opening in 1994.

So all that is left to decide is what’s your side? Are you a gravy or a curry sauce?

The Otter’s Pocket, Winckley Street

Pie and Mash at the Otter’s Pocket
Photo: Otter’s Pocket; Facebook

What screams Lancashire more than pie and mash?

What screams pie and mash done well better than Otter’s Pocket?

Less than a year old, Otter’s Pocket is an established Preston favourite that is sure to last.

All that’s left to say is ours is an ‘Alreet Cha’ with mash and extra gravy!


However you choose to celebrate National Potato day is make sure you do it well!

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