Treacherous weather conditions have resulted in the death of a woman, this weekend.

According to police, the woman, who was in her 40’s, was pronounced dead, yesterday morning, following a collision.

The accident occurred near Penrith, on the M6 Southbound carriageway.

Three fire engines were subsequently called to the scene, where it has been confirmed the vehicle had overturned.

The M6 was subsequently closed between junctions 40 and 41 for several hours as the road was cleared.

It is not yet confirmed whether the woman was a driver or passenger, however, it is believed that the vehicle span out of control due to the poor driving conditions.

Multiple specialists attended the scene, including Police Accident Investigators, investigating the scene of the tragedy.

An inquest has been commissioned to determine the exact timeline of the accident.

Police are due to release an official statement after the family of the victim have been notified.