Plans for new Preston tower block revealed

Preston skyline could be facing a huge facelift if a 15-storey apartment block receives planning permission.

A planning application has been submitted to the council seeking approval for the development of 176 flats just a stone’s throw from Preston Bus Station.

‘Bhailok Court’ is on the site of the city’s old job centre, the building, which is is currently empty, would be demolished if planning permission is received.

The striking block, which is on the corner of Pole Street and Percy street, is said to range in height between six and fifteen storeys.
The plan comes days after Preston Council has given approval to a development group from Wigan to convert two existing 12-floor blocks former government offices into apartments.

According to the application, ‘Bhailok Court’ will improve the local area.

The planning document also states the old job centre “is currently vacant and unmanaged and has been for a considerable length of time. As a result its external appearance is increasingly decaying and of poor quality.”

The document adds: “The delivery of high-quality buildings, such as these proposals, would help to enhance the image of Preston as a prosperous city ‘on the up’ . . . helping to draw more investment and people to the city.”

No decision on the planning application has currently been announced.

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