Top Tips to Make Your House More Attractive

Selling a property is no easy feat, but there are ways to make this easier for you. With simple tips, you can transform your home into a desirable property buyers will be intrigued with. Are you thinking of selling your property?

To help get you started, we have listed four efficient ways you can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

 Focal Front Door

The front door is one of the first aspects of your property a buyer will see, and it is imperative it is a strong focal point to introduce your home. Your front door is incredibly important when it comes to selling your property quickly.

Replacing your old or worn front door with a new, energy efficient option can increase the value and desirability to your property.

New Windows

Your windows are just as important as your doors, each having a huge impact on buyer appeal. If you have old windows, this could put a buyer off. By replacing your old windows with energy-efficient new windows, you are increasing the appeal of your property.

Clean Garden

A tidy, clean and well looked after garden offers a great first impression to potential buyers. Ensure you remove anything that is cluttering the space, cut your grass and add aesthetically pleasing plants or flowers for an extra touch. This can go a long way.


Decluttering your property before a viewing is very important. The fewer family photos, ornaments and mementos you have around the space, the easier it will be for potential buyers to visualise the property as their own.

There are many ways you can make your property look more appealing to others. We hope our ideas helped you. At Mark Walsh Estates, they have over 20 years’ experience, offering you the best advice on just about anything, from selling, letting or buying!

If you’re looking to sell your property, get in touch with Mark and the team today!

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