Cousins’ Slime Sale Raises Funds For St Catherine’s Hospice

A entrepreneurial eight-year-old made and sold slime to raise funds for St Catherine’s after hearing about the good work of the charity through school.

Zuzanna Parzych also enlisted the help of her mum Ewelina to bake a cake just like the one she had for her birthday, which she and cousin Niki sold alongside to add more funds to the pot.

Zuzanna, of Clayton Green, and Niki, aged six, braved the cold and the rain for two hours to sell the goodies on Niki’s street in Bamber Bridge.

They raised a brilliant £14.20 and have already vowed to organise another sale to raise further funds.

Proud mum Ewelina said: “Zuzanna is a very creative little girl and wanted to come up with something she could sell after seeing those American films where young people set up lemonade stands on the street!

“She thought slime was a good idea because it’s very popular right now. She chose St Catherine’s because she’d learned about the hospice at St Bede’s Catholic Primary in Clayton Green. She worked hard making the slime and the cake, and even made a poster to advertise the stall and everything.

“I’m very proud of them both for coming up with this great idea and doing something to help others. When Zuzanna received the thank you letter from St Catherine’s she was delighted and has already said she wants to do another sale to show her support.”

Emma Jacovelli, head of community engagement at St Catherine’s, said: “We’re very impressed with Zuzanna and Niki’s efforts – they are clearly very enterprising young people and we’re delighted they chose St Catherine’s to benefit from their wonderful idea.

“Every penny raised for St Catherine’s makes a difference to the charity – helping us to care for local people when they really need us.”

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