Injured RAF Veteran Turns To UCLan After Afghanistan

A first-class soldier has received top honours from the University of Central Lancashire after being injured in Afghanistan.

Jordan Creeney is a Preston Dad who has earned a first-class business degree from UCLan following his service in the Royal Air Force.

Jordan, unfortunately, left the RAF after he was injured and lost a leg in Afghanistan.

After leaving the forces a decision needed to be made for Creeney’s young family.

He told UCLan news, “I hadn’t really got many qualifications from school, but I’d done a few in the RAF and juggled being in the military with a foundation degree.

“I run a small portfolio of rental properties so ideally I wanted to get some more qualifications to be able to take that further.”

Jordan and his partner Amy live in Ashton with a young son, who is now four, and a six-month-old daughter.

Not working towards a goal was not an option and Jordan made it clear he wasn’t just going to sit around after his military career.

He added, “I hate being idle and needed to do something. It was a challenge having to work around the children but a lot of my success was down to Amy. She took on a lot, especially when I had deadlines.

“It was more of a challenge than I thought it would be. I was used to physical demands, but this is more mental strength.”

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