Not All Disabilities Are Physical, So Are You Entitled To A Blue Badge?

Some disabilities are not immediately obvious to the eye and have left some feeling as though they are not entitled to help.

The Lancashire County Council is trying to dispell that mentality, by encouraging the public to find out if they are entitled to a ‘Blue Badge’.

The Blue Badge allows drivers access to disabled parking spaces, which can be useful for those suffering from disabilities for obvious reasons.

Members of the public who are currently receiving PIP (Personal Independence Payment), are unable to walk or are at risk of serious harm should visit the Lancashire County Council website to find out if they are eligible for the pass.

Parents of children who have disabilities could also be eligible for a Blue Badge if their child has bulky medical equipment which must always accompany the child, or if the child must be near a vehicle at all times to receive treatment, either in the vehicle, or driven to a place where the child will receive treatment.

There is a charge £10 in place to receive the badge, but, that cost will not be charged if your application is unsuccessful.

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said, “We’re reminding people that from today, anyone living with less visible disabilities including dementia and autism can apply for a Blue Badge for the first time.”

Currently, in the UK around 2.5 million people are in possession of a Blue Badge.

You can more information on the Blue Badge scheme or eligibility for a Blue Badge here.

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