Royal Mail’s Fulwood Centre Is Looking For Christmas Staff

It may only be September, but Royal Mail is already thinking about Christmas and on the look-out for casual staff.

For obvious reasons, Royal Mail’s busiest period comes during the festive season and it has become a tradition for the company to take on temporary staff over Christmas.

There are a number of roles available at the mail centre on Pittman Way, Fulwood, including; unloading mail from vans, moving large volumes of mail around in trolleys and sorting parcels and letters.

‘Christmas Casuals’ will make £9.50 an hour for day shifts and just over £11 an hour for night work.

A spokesman for Royal Mail said, “Here at Royal Mail, Christmas is our busiest time of year.

“With so many parcels and letters coming through our warehouse doors, it’s no surprise that we need a few thousand extra helping hands to get everything where it needs to go.

“That’s why, every year, we hire temporary Mail Centre workers from all different walks of life to help us deliver Christmas across the UK.”

You can apply for the temp work with the Royal Mail group here!

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