Police Deal With Abusive Door To Door Salesmen In Grimsargh

Aggressive salesmen in the Grimsargh area attracted police attention yesterday (4th September), after going door to door.

According to Preston Police, two men caused a number of complaints while going door to door selling items.

The complaint from residents was that the men were being verbally abusive and very aggressive.

Preston Police spoke to one of the males and took appropriate action.

A spokesman for Preston Police on social media said, “Earlier today, Preston Police have received a number of complaints from local residents in and around the Grimsargh area of two males going door to door selling items but while doing so have been verbally abusive and aggressive.

“A further call has recently been received from the Fulwood area of a similar nature with males involved matching the descriptions as those from the Grimsargh area. One male has been located, identified and spoken to regarding his behaviour. He has been dealt with appropriately.

“Thank you to those who have contacted us about the issue, we would not be able to tackle these issues without the communities support.”

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