Preston’s Very Own Slice Of Korea On Winckley Square

At Preston Hub, we want to highlight and shout about the local venues you can visit in our own city to satisfy your hunger whilst supporting independently-owned businesses.

Preston city centre has seen it’s fair share of variety when it comes to cuisine.

In recent years, we’ve seen a vast rise in burger bars and gastropubs, we have a decent mix of higher-end eateries and one-stop grub places for a few quid. However, a small place at 12 Winkley Street has captured a taste of the far east…specifically Korea!

Kimji brings a new taste to Preston, producing traditional Korean recipes and giving a calm and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy it in.

They adapt the heritage of eastern cuisine utilising an upstairs dining area, minimalist design and of course chopsticks.

Thursday evening, I was seated upstairs and greeted by Leah who sat me with a menu and explained any questions I had about the unique items on the menu.

The menu is not overcrowded and includes different meats and veggie options and has a generous range of beverages. I chose the “Beef Bulgogi”; a hotplate-served beef fillet sliced into thin strips with rice and lettuce.

This was accompanied with vegetable dumplings which tasted were absolutely delicious; lightly fried enough to not overpower the vegetables. The beef steak is very succulent but with a nice twist due to tasting like it’s almost flame-grilled. Do not ask for it rare/well done etc; let the chef do his thing!

I would highly recommend having either a Korean BBQ dish, or a Bibimbap (which is served in a hot stone bowl).

The atmosphere and food complement perfectly for a dining experience that is simple, minimalistic, tasty and affordable.

Kimji provides a lovely experience and brings something different to the Preston dining scene. Staff will help you if you feel unsure on the foods and advise how to eat certain dishes, something I have noticed a good few restaurants miss!

I’d recommend Kimji a try if you fancy mixing it up for lunch or tea and want to get something fresh but still filling or if you just have a taste for an experience that is truly and brilliantly different.

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