Penwortham High School Girls Officially Name New Bypass

The new Penwortham Bypass finally has an official name after South Ribble Borough Council meeting.

During a the meeting that took place earlier tonight (September 11th) it was decided that the bypass would be named after John Horrocks.

Horrocks was a key figure in the development of Penwortham, acting as a Member of Parliament for Preston for two years in the early 1800s.

The decision was taken after a number of schools in the area were asked to get their students to suggest appropriate names.

Grace and Laura from Penwortham Girl’s High School ended up winning the naming competition and have named the Penwortham Bypass, John Horrocks Way.

The high school girls said “We are very excited to be part of history and people will use the road for many years to come.”

John Horrocks Way is expected to alleviate traffic through the centre of Penwortham, once the bypass is open.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Paul Foster, said, “I am delighted that, after two decades of talks and planning, we are seeing the Penwortham Bypass come to fruition – a vital bit of infrastructure allowing for better opportunities in Penwortham and alleviated congestion in the area.

“What’s more, the name – John Horrocks Way – is a fitting tribute to a local legend who built Penwortham Hall in 1801; was a renowned cotton-spinner; and who served as Member of Parliament for Preston in 1802 until his death in 1804.

“We hope that residents are pleased with the new road and the opportunities it brings.”

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