Police Warn Students To Be Aware Of Pickpockets During Freshers

University students returning to Preston are being warned to be aware of ‘professional pickpockets’ as they enjoy Freshers week.

Speaking from our own experience, the first two weeks at UCLan can be incredibly fun, as restuarants, bars and UCLan themselves host ice-breaking events and great nights out.

However, a recent spate of robberies on nights out has given police cause for concern that new students may be targetted during events going out to celebrate Freshers.

A spokesman said, “Welcome to Preston to all the Freshers attending UCLAN this year and to all the students and staff returning.

“We know that there are a lot of great night time events in Preston City Centre for Freshers Week and hopefully it will all be good.

“However (and there is always a however) in recent weeks we have had professional pickpockets out and about in the city taking mobile phones from pockets and handbags so here are a few useful tips from our Licensing Team.

Police Advise

1) Use a zip up handbag and keep it zipped.

2) Don’t leave your bag unattended. If you’re going outside for some fresh air or going to the toilets, take your bag with you.

3) Shorten the strap on any bag you carry.

4) Don’t hang your bag off the back of a chair or leave it next to you on the floor.

5) Report anything suspicious like people paying a lot of attention to unattended handbags to the door staff.

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