Cuadrilla ‘Excited’ As Fracking Equipment Seen Leaving Preston New Road Site

Cuadrilla has announced they are pressing on with a test of a shale well while the BBC reports equipment seen leaving Lancashire site.

Today the BBC reported that fracking equipment was seen leaving the Preston New Road site, giving protestors hope that drilling in the area could soon come to an end.

However, Cuadrilla has said they are excited for the next few weeks of development as they test a well that was drilled earlier in the year.

Chief Executive Officer Francis Egan explained, “Our second horizontal shale well was partially fractured in August and I am pleased that we are moving to flow test it in the next few weeks. We believe that this will further demonstrate the huge commercial opportunity here.

“Given the lower carbon footprint of UK shale gas compared to that of gas imported by ship from overseas, it clearly makes sense to look to develop this local resource rather than increasing reliance on imports.

“In addition UK shale gas has the potential to act as a domestic feedstock for Hydrogen production which can help the UK reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

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