KimJi Korean Restaurant: Who Are They?

KimJi strive to serve the most popular dishes that Korean cuisine offers. Traditional Korean food is about balance of flavours and textures, and their menu offers a wide variety of options for all customers to enjoy.

Located in Preston city centre, you can find their entire menu online here. Come and enjoy an incredible Korean cuisine experience with Kimji.

What They Provide Their Customers

Opened in November 2018, KimJi Korean aims to bring the need for good quality, delicious and interesting food choices to Preston.

At KimJi, the staff believe eating is also a communal experience; side dishes can be served with every meal and are meant to be shared and eaten together. Their trained chefs use the freshest ingredients that are available and combine it with bold flavours.

Their exciting menu features a host of popular and delicious Korean dishes cooked to the highest quality. Choose from a range of appetisers, Korean barbecue, rice, soup and noodle dishes. They offer so much more than traditional cuisine, including a number of desserts, gluten free and vegetarian options.

Whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat or a relaxing evening with friends or loved ones, they can accommodate you with delicious food today.

How Kimji Stand Out from the Crowd

Kimji’s friendly, dedicated and professional staff help to produce and deliver the highest quality foods to their customers, ensuring a fantastic service for all who choose KimJi Korean.

They combine their recipes, emphasising on comfort, taste and relaxation within the restaurant. They aim to give you the best of Korean cuisine, which is why the menu has been created through the help of traditional Korean chefs using original South Korean family recipes.

Take a look at their gallery to see the variety of delicious foods on offer.

If you would like to dine with top quality Korean cuisine today, or if you would like to find out more about what Kimji offer, please get in touch today.

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