Woman Appears In Court After Attacking Ex-Partner With Glass

A Preston woman has appeared in court after attacking a man with a glass.

Cherie Thornton, 32, residing in Moor Hall Street, appeared in Court last week after drunkenly attacking her ex-partner in March.

She phoned 999 on March 10th after hitting him in the head, leaving him bleeding.

Thornton appeared in court and denied the offense. She was later found guilty of causing actual bodily harm.

Thornton works as a steward for PNE and is a student at Prestons College. Her solicitors put forward an image that Thornton is of “Good character”.

Thornton’s ex-partner refused to make a statement against her and did not wish for proceedings to be brought against her.

The judge imposed an 8 month sentence, suspended for 12 months, with 150 hours of unpaid community work and a rehabilitation requirement. She must pay £1,000 court costs.

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