Lancashire Children Are Being Used By Drug Gangs To Store & Sell Drugs

Lancashire teens are being targetted by drug-dealing gangs from across the country according to police.

Teens and even children can find themselves getting caught up in drug-dealing conspiracies, as dealers look to use the young people to store, transport, and sell controlled substances.

Unfortunately, social media has made it easier for criminals to reach out to young people, who they believe can be exploited for illegal activity.

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said, “Who really knows what their children are doing on their phones every night? They could be unknowingly chatting to a gang member over social media, they could be receiving instructions or directions by text, or they could be being threatened.

“If you’ve noticed a change in your child’s behaviour they may be being groomed to be a drugs runner. It’s easy for teens to be drawn in.

“Cash, gifts, status, and protection are all appealing. But, before they know it they’re being trafficked around the country, couriering drugs and cash, operating under threat.

“Look out for children who are going missing from home or school, in a relationship with someone older and controlling, have unexplained injuries, have multiple phones or are receiving more calls or texts, carrying knives, suddenly having lots of money or new clothes, or maybe they’re just behaving differently or seem like they’ve something to hide.

“You can make a difference. Just call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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