South Ribble Has 100% Pass Rate On Illegal Sales Of Alcohol

South Ribble Borough Council is celebrating a successful test purchasing exercise, following last month’s concern over knives.

The Borough Council has announced today that 12 off-licenses were involved in an undercover test purchasing exercise ran by South Ribble Police.

During the exercise, stores were tested to see if they would act unlawfully in allowing underage alcohol sales.

Soth Ribble Police ran a similar operation last month, to see if any shops in the South Ribble area would be prepared to sell a knife to someone underage.

Unfortunately, a number of shops failed that testing exercise. A spokesman for South Ribble Police said the time, “Last week we were working with our colleagues in Lancashire Trading Standards on test purchases of knives.

“Where we get information from the public about shops selling illegally we run test purchases on the shops to see if they will sell to children.

“Sadly in our latest visits, a number of shops have been quite willing to sell knives to the test purchasers.”

To the relief of the Council, testing for off-licenses selling alcohol yielded much better results.

All 12 off-licenses tested passed the exercise.

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