Father & Son Jailed For Vicious Attack That Left A Victim Paralysed

A vicious attack committed by a father and son on two men has led to them being jailed for three-and-a-half years.

Father Robert Tait and son Andrew Tait were both convicted at Preston Crown Court for a brutal and sustained attack on two men in Darwen.

The men were left with life-changing injuries, following a targetted attack that lasted almost three minutes.

One of the victims suffered a bleed on the brain and subsequently suffered a stroke days after the attack, due to the injuries sustained.

The other victim suffered severe facial and leg injuries, as well as suffering a concussion.

A police spokesman said, “Both Andrew and Robert Tait initially denied their guilt. However on the first day of his trial Andrew Tait pleaded guilty to one count of wounding and one of assault.

“Robert Tait was later found guilty of assault following a five-day trial at Preston Crown Court.

“Andrew Tait was sentenced to 27 months in prison, while Robert Tait has been sentenced to 15 months in prison.

“Andrew Tait – 19 months for assaulting David Connelly and 8 months for assaulting Rikki Harrison – consecutive sentences so 27 month in total

“Robert Tait – 15 months in prison for assaulting Rikki Harrison

“Both were also handed restraining orders against the victims and against entering the club in Bridge Street.”

Det Con David Richardson, of Blackburn Police, added, “This was a targeted attack, which was both vicious and prolonged. It left both men needing hospital treatment, and caused one of them to later suffer a stroke.

“His life has been completely changed as a result of the Taits’ actions that night.

“Although Andrew Tait eventually pleaded guilty, Robert Tait has refused to show any remorse for his part in the attack and has continued to claim he acted in self-defence.

“I am satisfied with the sentence handed down today I hope the victims can take some comfort from the fact that both Andrew and Robert Tait are now behind bars.”

The 61-year-old victim said, “I had to have a brain operation, I was paralysed down my right side and I couldn’t speak. I had to attend a stroke rehabilitation centre for three weeks and still need some organised daily care.

“I can’t work anymore due to my injuries and the incident has completely changed my life. I still regularly fall over and I injured myself at the beginning of August after I fell again.”

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