Man & Woman Spotted Having “Noisy Sex” Outside Preston Minster On Church Street

Preston Police have arrested two people for having “Noisy Sex” at a historic Preston church.

Hayley Williams, 47, residing in Oxford Street in Preston and Matthew Dusic, 36, of Bootle Street in Preston were witnessed going at it by someone in the grounds of Preston Minster on Church Street earlier this month.

The incident happened on October 4th at around 6.50pm and understandably the witness was shocked when he was clearing rubbish from the site and suddenly came across the site infront of him

Police arrested the pair and they recently stood trial at Preston Magistrates Court. The court heard that the Church was lit dimly by street lights and the pair were visible to the naked eye by people from across the other side of the road.

Dusic reportedly lied to Preston Police when confronted because he had another “Lady friend” and didn’t want her to find out about the noisy acrobatics. Dusic initially told officers that the pair had been “Kissing and cuddling”, before later revealing all and admitting that the pair used a coat to cover their intimate areas. Williams reportedly told Police that she had been upset and drunk a substantial amount of vodka shortly before the act.

No ruling was given as the case has been adjourned until November. The judge didn’t want to rule prematurely.

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