What’s Car Finance & How Does It Work?

When it comes to buying a car, there’s a variety of options on how you can pay for the car, you can pay outright or borrow the money from a finance companies that best suits your credit profile. YCC Cars are experts in helping customers with all types of credit history so you needn’t worry if you have had previous financial issues.

YCC aim to help you with all your car needs, and accompany you every step of the way to ensure you’re getting the car for you within your budget. If you’re thinking about getting car finance, they can help.

What is Car Finance?
If you’re not paying for a car with cash, you’ll be using car finance to buy your car. After checking your credit score, you will be allowed to borrow an amount of money to pay for your car, which you will pay back in instalments over your chosen period.

How it Works
There are numerous types of car finance available. The most common types of car finance agreement are hire purchase, personal contract purchase or personal loan, though other options are available also.

The payments you make over this period can depend on several factors. These include:
• The amount you’re looking to borrow
• The length of time you intend on keeping your car
• What type of agreement you have

YCC Cars – Your Finance Specialists
YCC have a dedicated team of finance experts waiting to help with your enquiry. Their relationships with high street lenders and specialist motoring finance houses enable them to help hundreds of customers secure the best finance deal possible within their budget.

Their expertise means that even if you have a poor credit rating, YCC, we can help arrange finance for you. YCC Cars aim to take care and look after your needs.

If you would like to find out more about their used cars or speak to one of their experts about car finance deals, simply get in touch today.

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