Ashton War Memorial Painted Over After Vandals Ruined The Mural

A war memorial mural has been painted over and covered up after vandals damaged the original artwork in Ashton Park.

The Cafe Diem snack shack was painted with a stunning tribute to soldiers that lost their lives during the first world war.

Unfortunately, the painting had to be covered up with grey paint, after vandals allegedly tried breaking into the building.

A local resident, Christine Holman, said, “(This is) the difference because someones little darling damaged the first mural by trying to break in. When they could not do that, they decided to damage the mural with some filth written and drawn on it, so it has now been put back to the grey paint.”

A spokesman for Ashton and Riversway PACT added, “Shameful graffiti, totally disgraceful for anyone to deface a war mural on Ashton Park.”

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