Knife-Detecting Arches Will Be Deployed At Preston Train Station

Lancashire Police will be working with Transport Police to deploy knife-detecting arches at Preston Train Station.

Authorities will be using the metal detectors to fight crime, as forces nationally tackle the increase in knife crime incidents.

Travellers using the station will be expected to use the arches when arriving in and departing from Preston.

Similar technology was used at Fulwood Academy last month.

Two knife arches and hand-held metal detectors were placed at the school as students were scanned and bags searched on their way into school.

The Lancashire Evening Post reported, Sgt Paul McLernon said, “This is part of our ongoing commitment to taking more knives and dangerous weapons off the streets and keeping people safe and it’s good to see us working in partnership with British Transport Police.”

Sgt Lakhveer Singh of British Transport Police added, “Over the coming weeks you will see closer collaboration and deployments with BTP and Lancashire Police carrying out operations to tackle violence and combat knife crime with the aim to reassure the public and provide a safe travelling environment.”

The arches will also be used in the City Centre in the evenings, once high levels of foot traffic in the station begins to reduce.

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