From Monday Fines Will Be Given To Drivers Blocking Access To Royal Preston Hospital

From next Monday ‘hi-visibility officers’ will be patrolling areas around Royal Preston Hospital, looking for vehicles obstructing emergency vehicles.

Vehicles in the Fulwood area, particularly around the Hospital, will be dealt with by authorities who will issue fines.

This initiative comes from feedback that Preston Police received from residents in the Fulwood area.

A spokesman for Preston Police said, “Following feedback from local residents in Fulwood, we will be working with partners on Operation Tower to combat the number of vehicles causing an obstruction, parking dangerously or illegally around the residential areas of the hospital.

“This is causing much distress to the local residents who are in some cases finding their driveways obstructed or vehicles damaged.

“Whilst we appreciate the majority of people park sensibly, there are a small minority that don’t.

“As a result from Monday 9 December 2019, hi-visibility officers will patrol the local areas to look for vehicles causing an obstruction or parking dangerously. This includes blocking a whole pavement so there is no access for prams or wheelchair access, blocking private driveways and parking dangerously where there is no visibility at junctions.

“Any vehicles found to be causing an obstruction will be dealt with accordingly and issued with a fixed penalty notice.

“We hope that you understand our reasons for this enforcement and look forward to your co-operation.”

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