“Closing That Road Gave Me One Massive Headache”; Your Comments On The Penwortham Bypass

Regardless of where you live in Preston, the past few week’s news has been dominated by the opening of the Penwortham Bypass and the temporary closure of Liverpool Road.

The Penwortham Bypass opened on Monday 2nd December and received a warm response from commuters and a negative response from local residents.

The aim of the new bypass is to reduce traffic along Liverpool Road through the centre of Penwortham, which has had congestion issues at peak times for many years.

People are now able to once again travel between Penwortham and Hutton along Liverpool Road, and access John Horrocks Way from the Howick Moor Lane side.

Preston Hub readers have responded to our question; “Has the Penwortham Bypass been a good addition to the town?”

Raymond said; “Closing that road caused me one massive headache today. Got lost in the housing estate trying to get towards southport”

Elliot replied; “Typical of preston let’s put in a bypass and make it harder to use than the road it replaced.
Broughton traffic lights was another triumphant moment. Consistent though to be fair 🤔

Steve commented on the potential for congestion in Penwortham; “closing the slip road up to the dual carriageway into town is bound to cause congestion in Penwortham.”

Andrew was one of the first commuters on the Bypass and expressed his dissatisfaction; “Took my wife 15 minutes to get from near Whitefield Primary to past Booth’s roundabout this morning. I was very surprised to see traffic queuing last night all the way from Liverpool Road down Cop Lane to Golden Way at around 4PM. Never seen traffic queuing along there like that before.”

Jonie’s positive about the Bypass; “Lived in Penwortham 60 years and the bypass is well over due. The shops won’t suffer.”

Lynn offered an environmentally friendly solution; “A lot of school run traffic can be avoided by ditching the car and walking in a lot of cases.”

Simon spotted the new traffic light system on Liverpool Road at the junction of the Penwortham Bypass; “I’m guessing they aren’t letting many cars though to discourage people from going down Liverpool road, they obviously need to monitor it to allow local traffic onto the bypass otherwise people will continue using rat runs through the back streets which is just shifting the problem from Liverpool road, which is wide and designed to take traffic, and forcing it onto backstreets that aren’t. It’s terrible seeing kids trying to get to all hallows and cars just whizzing about everywhere and nowhere for the kids to cross safely. Saw some young lads stood for ages trying to cross the road and not one single car allowed them to cross, they were there for ages. People are so selfish and inconsiderate when they get behind the wheel.

What’s your opinion on the new Penwortham Bypass? Let us know.



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