Prestonians Object To New Car Supermarket On Bluebell Way

A sign advertising the upcoming HPL Motors site has been met with criticism from the Preston public.

What was once a park and ride site was sold off by Lancashire County Council in 2016.

HPL Motors were given the green light back in August to build a car supermarket.

Preston residents have raised their concern online about how the site should be used.

Several have taken to social media to voice their opinions on what they would prefer.

One Facebook user, Nicola posted a picture of the sign with the caption “Seriously how many car dealers do we need in Preston?

“Surely the park and ride idea would have been a goer? Free parking for hospital staff? Parking for all the business park workers…..nope…..HPL motors”.

The post then began a debate about the best use of the site and the lack of use of the former park and ride.

Commenting on the post, Victor said, “It was closed because very few people used it…it would appear our hard-working hospital staff would rather park on the streets of Fulwood!”

Lisa replied, “Buses weren’t reliably and /or frequent enough at the old p&r. Also, there was often severe congestion of there had been a problem on the motorway. It was adding at least 40 mins either side to a working day”.

Some Facebook users believe that the park and ride was the correct decision for the site but done differently.

Katrina joined the discussion saying, “Why was it shut instead of being looked at more closely to ensure all that didn’t happen? The Council truly missed an opportunity to helps our NHS staff.

“More thought and discussion could have made it more useable,  Now, it’s going to be ANOTHER car garage, in an area what already has a lot of traffic.”

Hospital parking has been an ongoing issue for quite some time, back in March 2018 we reported on the estate near Sharoe Green Lane being used as a secondary car park for the hospital visitors.

Then in February this year, a petition was started for more parking spaces for the staff, which over 2000 people signed.

The issue of the car supermarket increasing congestion in the area was also raised by facebook users.

At the start of December, we reported about Fulwood residents frustrated about congestion in the area.

Some users are frustrated that a car supermarket is a type of building to make the situation much worse.

Helen commented, “These car showrooms have increased the number of sets of traffic lights from Booths to the M6 exit at Fulwood Row…. drives me nuts! how on earth is this supposed to relieve congestion”.

Some Facebook users have come to the defence of the site claiming it will bring money and jobs into the area.

“Maybe they are putting something there that will make money?

“they provided a park and ride that has stood empty for 5 years. Now they doing something with the land that will bring like 60 jobs to the area, plus lots of income”.

Jonathan Herman, managing director of HPL Motors, has claimed that he expects the site to bring around 50 jobs, which could possibly rise to 70.

Mr Herman hopes that the site can be very useful for the public “The idea is that it will be a one-stop-shop for customers, making it easy for them if they need an MOT or an alloy repaired.”

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