Preston Man’s Charity Skydive For Late Wife

Chris Duddy will be facing his fear of heights when he takes on a Skydive in aid of his wife that lost her battle with Motor Neuron Disease(MND).

Back in November 2017, Chris and his wife Kelis were enjoying a glass of wine and thought nothing of when she dropped her glass on the floor.

Not long after that, it happened again and then a pain in her foot developed. Kelis refused to go to the doctors initially but eventually in early December she went and was told she would need to see a specialist.

Kelis then underwent various tests and after Christmas, she and Chris were asked to both come in together for the results.

They were brought into the hospital to be told that Kelis had Motor Neuron Disease, that there was no cure and that she had 18 months to live.

Chris has told how this news hit ‘him like a ton of bricks’ and that Kelis ran out of the room when she found out.

Chris said, “Well as most of you would agree to be told that would break the hardest of you, It ruined me and I was meant to be the hard one”.

Kelis was told that she would need to come for a review after 6 months and in the meantime, the MND team at Royal Preston Hospital would help support her.

Chris has spoken about how brilliant he thought the MND team were for Kelis and that they was supportive of both of them.

Chris and Kelis

He said, “from day one they helped her with getting appointments, fast aided in benefits and the personal support was second to none, even after Kelis passed away they still do keep in touch”.

Despite the support from the MND team, after 6 months Kelis had lost mobility in the right side of her body.

By Christmas 2018, the MND had taken its toll but didn’t stop her from making the most of the time she had left,

Chris said, “little did we know that would be our last one together with the kids and each other but she did us all proud that day, she was in immense pain and didn’t want to show it”.

After a year most of her left side was also affected, initially, it was very hard for her to take mentally but she was a strong enough person to carry on and enjoy the rest of her time with her family.

Kelis with her family

Chris said, “as time passed she just got on with it, she was always a positive person,

“She said why let it ruin what time she had left and tried to get on with it by spending as much time with the kids and grandkids”.

Sadly on the 10th September 2019, Kelis lost her battle with MND, she passed away peacefully in her sleep after kissing Chris goodnight.

Chris has been raising money for the MND team in many different ways since Kelis has passed.

The idea for the skydive came about at the wake, a person suggested the idea to which the people who know Chris laughed about.

Chris has had a fear of heights from a young age when he fell from a roof and broke both his ankles, ever since then he was always hated being high up.

Chris will be facing his fears but says the thought of the money raised to go to a good cause will help him through it.

He said, “I’ve always been a positive person so why not do it? No doubt on the day I will be scared but knowing that I will get donations for it helps a lot”.

Chris will be taking on the challenge at the Black Knights Parachute Centre in Cockerham, Lancashire on 1st March 2020.

Chris thinks the MND team does not receive the credit it deserves for the work they do for so many, “The support of the fantastic MND team at Preston has been the most amazing anyone could wish for,

“What they have done for us and the many other people suffering from this horrible cruel disease has been nothing short of a miracle,

“They deserve more than they could ever get, they are the forgotten hero’s and without them, we would be lost”.

You can support Chris and the MND team at Royal Preston Hospital by donating to the Justgiving page here, or you can check out the memorial page set up for Kelis which is updated with all of Chris’s fundraising ventures here.

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