County Council Considering Parking Restriction Around Royal Preston Hospital

The Lancashire County Council is considering a new report that recommends restrictions for parking around the Royal Preston Hospital.

A proposal has been submitted to the County Council to set up restrictions around the hospital following complaints from residents.

A spokesman for the Council said, “Most of the proposed restrictions are focused around junctions and aim to prevent daytime parking on weekdays, however there would also be restrictions on two narrow roads where obstruction is a problem, Fairways and The Paddock, to prevent waiting at any time.

“Consultation was held from 9 August to 6 September with 36 responses being received.

“19 declared an objection, and 13 expressed support, with others raising no objection or bringing up further issues. The report details these comments along with responses from officers.”

John Davies, head of highways, said, “There are pressures on parking in many residential areas, but where problems are reported we have a duty to investigate.

“The issues around Royal Preston Hospital are caused by staff, patients, and visitors parking in residential streets in large numbers, resulting in obstructions and safety issues.

“The aim of these proposed restrictions is therefore to improve the situation for all vehicles which need to use these roads for access during the day, while still allowing residents to be able to park in the evening and overnight.”

The meeting of the county council’s cabinet is due to take place at 2pm on Thursday 16 January.

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