24-Hour Spin Cycle For Preston Boy With Kidney Failure

A Rochdale man will be doing a 24-hour indoor spin cycle for a young Preston boy suffering from kidney failure.

Kevin Chaplin will be attempting to cycle on a spin bike non-stop for 24-hours with the aim to raise £1500 for Layton Bracey.

Layton is a young boy we reported on back in November who suffers from a rare autoimmune disease that has recently caused him to go from Stage 4 Kidney disease to kidney failure.

Layton suffers from Henoch-Schönlein purpura (HSP), a disease that affects the blood vessels and causes a spotty rash.

For most suffers, HSP is not serious, unfortunately, Layton is in the 1% of children that develop HSP so severely that it leads to chronic kidney disease(CKD).

He has been on dialysis since 4th December and is said to be doing well since he started the procedure.

Kevin Chaplin,39, from Rochdale, is a personal trainer and is a friend of Layton’s family.

On 1st February he will be cycling day and night on a spin bike to raise money for ward 77 Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital that has treated Layton.

Kevin at a fundraiser earlier this year

Kevin teaches classes at the Pure Gym in Rochdale, one of them being a spin class which is what gave him the idea for the 24-hour cycle.

Whilst Kevin is very familiar with a spin bike, 24 hours is much more than he is used to and should provide a formidable test.

Kevin has been training to prepare himself for the challenge, he said, “I have never done longer than an hour on the bike until 2 weeks ago,

“I have worked myself up to 4hrs and constantly increasing the time an hour every training session.”

This will be Kevin’s second fundraiser for Manchester Children’s Hospital as he completed one last year as well as another for Moorland Children’s Home in Rochdale.

At the time of writing, £305 has been raised on the Gofundme page for Layton, the target is £1500 and Barclays Bank has promised to match it if the target is reached.

If you would like to join Kevin, he is selling 24×1 hour slots for people to ride along and help raise as much as possible.

The 24-hour cycle will be at the Pure Gym at Sandbrook Park in Rochdale, starting at 6:00 am 1st February until 7:20 am on 2nd February.

People are welcome to attend and can make donations in person.

You can read Layton’s full story on the Facebook page Layton’s Journey here.

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