Permission Granted For New Spar Shop & Garage In Lostock Hall

A major overhaul of the Spar shop and Lansdown Garage site on Brownedge Road has been approved after planning permission was given the go-ahead.

South Ribble Borough Council have been consulting on plans to overhaul the site where Lansdown Garage and Spar currently sit.

The site for the new Spar shop and fuelling station is at the junction of Brownedge Road and Todd Lane South. A garage and Spar shop stood there for many years, until 2017, when the landlords James Hall and Co demolished the property wanting to create a “Modern and more efficient store with better access”.

Approval for a new development was granted in 2018 but alterations to the original plans have caused delays.

A statement from James Hall and Co said; “This results in the building having a slightly larger increase in footprint and also an increase of retail floor space of approximately 20sqm.

“The building has also changed shape from a rectangular shape to a triangular shape building which is now located in the south western corner of the site.”

There will be 9 parking spaces on-site and these will be located at the front of the store.

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