Violence And Anti-Social Behaviour Causes Police To Step-Up Patrols In Ribbleton

Violence and anti-social behaviour is the main cause behind Preston Police stepping up patrols in the Ribbleton and Grange areas of Preston.

A Section 60 was in place last night (Saturday) which allows officers to conduct “Stop-and-Search” on anyone looking suspicious or suspected to be carrying weapons.

Posting on Facebook, @PrestonPolice said; “Due to incidents of violence & anti-social behaviour in the Grange & Ribbleton areas of Preston recently, a section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 has been authorised.

This will run from 17:00hrs this evening until 02:00hrs.

This gives police officer powers to conduct Stop & Search on any persons suspected of being involved in serious violence or being in possession of articles connected with serious violence.

Preston police will be conducting patrols within the designated area to prevent further incidents & support the local communities.”

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