Preston’s Manjaros Donates 100% Of Profits To Australian Fires

Afro-Caribbean Preston Restaurant Manjaros has generously decided to donate 100% of its profits to charities based in Australia.

The profits will be donated specifically to charities that have been dealing with the tragic fires that have ravaged Australia, and dominated international headlines over the last few weeks.

It is thought that up to 1.5 billion creatures have been killed in the bush fires, while many millions have endured their habitat being destroyed.

A spokesman for the Restaurant based on London Road, Preston, said they could not see animals suffering without trying to do something about it.

This fantastic offer requires no outside donation from members of the public, Manjaros simply asks that if people do want to be involved, come down and dine with them.

A Manjaros statement on Facebook said, “We are starting 2020 with our biggest give away… we genuinely support your support!

“It is extremely sad and alarming to see people of all ages and animals suffer in this way.

“We would like you to help us and get involved by dining with us so we can raise as much as to help.

“We would like to make it clear from the outset we will not be accepting any donations.

“We pray for everyone in Australia in this difficult time!”

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