World Renowned Dance Troupe Perform In Preston For Chinese New Year

A Chinese song and dance troupe put on a show on Wednesday night to celebrate the year of the rat.

The Guizhou Song and Dance Troupe visited the UCLan Media Factory and wowed the audience with a vibrant, colourful and energetic performance.

The troupe is the largest performing arts group in the Guizhou Province of China and has performed in over 40 countries worldwide.

The show paid homage to the ethnic diversity of the region, 18 ethnic groups have lived there for thousands of years and the area is often referred to as the “United Land of Cultures”.

The show consisted of 12 different performances all representing different aspects of Guizhou culture and heritage.

One of the performances was “Acrobatics: Ballet on Shoulder” which was The Swan Lake integrated with traditional Chinese acrobatics.

It was an amazing demonstration of the dancer’s athleticism and flexibility which the crowd very much enjoyed.

There was also the use of musical instruments, “Muye and Lusheng Solo: Plateau, My Home” used a reed instrument called a “Lusheng” which is popular with people in Southwest China.

The show finished with “Finale Dance and Song: Colourful Chorus” which was an exciting and vibrant performance.

It was fast-moving, animated and very well choreographed, a brilliant way to finish the show.

The Deputy Mayor of Preston, Javed Iqbal was in attendance and said how much he enjoyed the show,

“It is my first time seeing a Chinese song and dance like this and it was absolutely brilliant,

“The costumes were amazing, everything moved so quickly and I didn’t see any flaws at all.”


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