Fans ‘Consulted’ As PNE Gentry Day Is Set For April

Preston North End fans are questioning who was consulted in the decision to use the club’s away game against Brentford for the 2019/20 Gentry Day.

Online criticism hasn’t been aimed at the choice of date, but, more so the claim that a consultation had taken place between supporters and police.

A statement on the club’s website,, said the consultation took into account ‘a number of factors’, relating to security and fan preference.

Responding to Preston North End’s twitter feed, George Hodkinson tweeted, “What consultation? Should have gone on the website for a fans vote. Should have been Rover’s for the 6,000 fans. But now only, 1,600 can attend.

“Huddersfield a better option. Put it to a proper vote next season during September.”

Other fans also replying to the thread asked, ‘which fans were actually asked about this?’.

According to the article, “A number of factors were considered, including police concerns and the views of those who have in the past been involved in organising the game and in the end the penultimate ever game at Griffin Park was selected.

“The game, scheduled for Saturday 18th April, is of course subject to TV selection, with the decision having to be made five weeks in advance of the fixture, so fans are advised not to purchase travel until the game has been confirmed.

“The Bees have confirmed there will be an allocation of 1,640 and when tickets are received – in March – they will be sold using the club’s loyalty points system.”

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