Budding Entrepreneur Spotted Flogging Masks on Fishergate For £2

A budding entrepreneur has been seen flogging masks on Preston’s Fishergate at an attractive rate of 10 for £2.

The entrepreneur, whose name is currently unknown, was spotted on Fishergate on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in wake of the Coronavirus illness that’s spreading across the globe. The man was dressed in a stylish, fury coat and was on occasions spotted with a rainbow hat.

The Coronavirus has started to spread outside China with over 300 people reportedly dying from the illness. The illness was first detected late last year and is spread by human-to-human contact. So far, there have been cases confirmed in China, Japan, the Philippines and the UK among others.

Our budding entrepreneur spotted on Fishergate was clearly trying to take advantage of growing concerns about the illness. The nearest confirmed case to Preston is in York.

Social media users raised concerns about the man not wearing a mask, with one person posting; “Why isn’t he wearing a mask?!” and another saying “How has he spelt surgical correctly on the top sign and then incorrectly on the sign underneath?”

Another Preston Hub follower commented; “They only actually work for about 5 minutes, after that they do more harm than good because they trap bacteria in the moisture from your breath and then you’re breathing in loads of stagnant bacteria“.

Finally, and perhaps the bigger concern, another user commented; “They was three pound yesterday”.. Things are going down for our budding entrepreneur.

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