Five Drivers Caught Speeding Up To 95 Miles Per Hour On M55 In Same Day

Five separate drivers have been caught speeding on the M55 in the same day, including someone driving at 95 mph through 50 mph speed restrictions.

Lancashire Road Police released the information on social media yesterday  and documented a 24 hour period on Friday (January 31st).

According to their Tweets, @LancsRoadPolice, the first vehicle was stopped after travelling excessively through road works.

Lancashire County Council are currently constructing a new junction 2 therefore causing severe roadworks to be ongoing along a short stretch. Narrow lanes and a 50 mph speed restriction have been put in place temporarily.

A second vehicle was stopped later for speeding through the roadworks. The driver, of a transit van, already had 9 penalty points for speeding and will be summoned to court. They face losing their license and their job.

A third driver, of a Ford Focus, was stopped by police after overtaking an unmarked police car at 95 mph as they travelled towards Blackpool from Preston.

According to LancsRoadPolice’s twitter, there were poor weather conditions which reduced visibility and could have caused a crash.

A fourth motorist was caught later driving at 90 mph through the roadworks by Police cameras and will be summoned to court.

A fifth driver was also caught on the day for not abiding by the 50 mph speed limit.

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