Love Your Home this Valentines Season

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, have you thought about how you will celebrate the loving occasion? This year, we have been lucky enough for the special day to fall on a Friday, leaving you plenty of options with how to celebrate.

Instead of booking a meal at a restaurant, have you thought of enjoying February 14th in the comfort and the heart of your home; the kitchen? Take a look at our ideas on how to style your kitchen this Valentine’s.

A floral theme is perfect for decorating your kitchen for the most romantic day of the year. This doesn’t necessarily mean floral wallpaper or bouquets of flowers surrounding your worktops, but instead, a simple and elegant floral style.

Brighten up your décor with small arrangements of your favourite flowers to not only add a loving feel to your kitchen space, but also adding a refreshing fragrance to the room.

Photographs last a lifetime and are there to remind you of memories with your loved ones. This is the perfect time to surround your kitchen with your favourite memories you and your other half have shared together.

It shows how much you both have done together and the journey you both have been through. It also adds to the sentimental and personal touch of celebrating Valentine’s Day at home. You can even snap a new memory to share together and look back on next year!

However you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you all have an enjoyable and memorable day.

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