Quiz Night For Charity That Provides Gaming Equipment For The Disabled

A gaming company is hosting a quiz night for a charity that provides special gaming equipment for those with a physical disability.

Belong Preston is a gaming arena company in St George’s Shopping Centre that is hosting the GameBlast 2020 Charity Quiz Night.

A night of quizzing to raise funds for the charity Special Effect.

Special Effect allows those with a physical disability to enjoy video games by providing them with equipment tailored to be easily usable.

The charity lets people with physical disabilities have fun and feel included by helping them to play video games.

They use technology like modified gaming controllers or eye-control systems as standard gaming equipment can be hard for someone with a physical disability to use.

Because everyone’s disability is different, they visit people to find out what they want to play and how they can modify or create new equipment to allow them to play it.

The charity does not charge for their one to one support they offer and do not sell any of the equipment so they rely on donations.

GameBlast is the UK’s biggest annual charity gaming marathon weekend, Special Effect encourage as many people to raise as much money as possible over the weekend.

Belong Preston are getting involved by hosting the GameBlast 2020 Charity Quiz Night on Saturday 22nd February.

The quiz night promises to be a “fun event of socializing and having your brains tested.”

Entry to the event is the cost of a donation of your choice to Special Effect.

For any more information, you can check the event page on Facebook here.

If you just wish to help out Special Effect, you donate on their website here.——

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