Lancashire ‘Undoubtedly’ Would Benefit From HS2

Lancashire would be beneficiaries of the HS2 project according to County Councillor Michael Green.

HS2 will ‘undoubtedly bring new opportunities’ for Lancashire said Councillor Green, Cabinet Member for economic development, environment and planning.

The city centres of London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds will be connected by 345 miles of new high-speed railway track.

County Councillor Michael Green said, “HS2 will undoubtedly bring new opportunities for the whole county, by making us a transport hub on the new national high speed network.

“While possible construction could still be a few years away, we’re already looking at how we can be in the right position to benefit from HS2.

“Lancashire is already home to world-class companies, especially in advanced manufacturing. It’s vital to have good transport connections to attract highly-skilled workers and create new opportunities for people and businesses who are already here.

“By making it easier for people to come to Lancashire and for us to reach other parts of the country, HS2 would bring many opportunities to create new jobs and bring new economic growth to the county.”

As part of the HS2 proposals, the stations in Preston and Lancaster could be served by HS2 trains, using the existing network.


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