County Council Opposes Advice To Shut Chorley A&E Services

Lancashire County Council has agreed to oppose the closing of Chorley and South Ribble Hospital A&E and the A&E services across the County.

The Council discussed a number of issues regarding a motion that indicated the Hospital’s A&E services would not be viable long term.

Closing the A&E services would be detrimental to the local residents in the view of the County Council.

At a Council meeting they agreed the following resolution:

Lancashire County Council notes the recent statement published by Our Health, Our Care regarding the future of Accident & Emergency services at Chorley & South Ribble Hospital. The report indicates that A&E provision at Chorley & South Ribble Hospital would not be viable in the long term. The Council is concerned by any proposal to close Chorley & South Ribble Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department.

The Council is concerned such a proposal could have a detrimental impact on the quality of health care for the local population and health care for our residents Lancashire wide and even further. Lancashire County Council believes that patients who previously used the A&E Department at Chorley & South Ribble Hospital need access to a sustainable and viable 24 hour Accident & Emergency department.

This Council resolves:

(i) To oppose any closure or downgrading of Chorley and South Ribble Hospital A&E services and A&E services across the County of Lancashire without clear truly independent clinical justification and a thorough public consultation.
(ii) To instruct the Chief Executive to write to the Secretary of State for Health asking for them to commit to, and invest in, strengthening and enhancing all current A&E provision across Lancashire.
(iii) To write to the Chief Executive and Board of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals Trust asking them to exhaust all possible avenues in evaluating and addressing the reasons why the A&E at Chorley & South Ribble Hospital is not deemed viable rather than simply propose to close the unit.

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