How a Fiver Can Boost Preston’s Local Economy

Preston Markets is taking part in a national campaign to support small businesses.

FiverFest is a campaign organised by Totally Locally aimed to bring more custom to independent businesses and boost the local economy.

According to Totally Locally, if every adult in Preston spent £5 per week in a local independent shop or business, the local economy would be boosted by £23.9 million per year.

Preston Market stallholders will be offering £5 deals between 15th-29th February to encourage Prestonians to put back into the local economy.

The owner of Pickles of Preston, a stall at the Preston Market, thinks it’s important the younger generation begin to use local independent businesses,

She said, “We’ve been established 50 years and we’re still here and have loyal custom from the older generation,

“But the younger generation are more keen to shop online or at retail parks so it could be a good chance to show them what we have to offer,

“We’re all small family-run businesses with a lot nicer produce, shopping with us and other independent stalls is keeping the money in Preston,

The owner of Redmans of Preston also thinks it an opportunity to show Prestonians what these independent businesses have to offer,

She said, ” Anything is good to make them shop locally, if you were to get a sandwich and a coffee at a chain store,

“It could cost you twice as much as a local independent shop so it’s a good chance to promote ourselves.”

Councillor Robert Boswell, Cabinet Member for Environment at Preston City Council, believes FiverFest is a great way to showcase what the Preston Market has to offer.

He said: “Fiver Fest is a great national initiative to encourage people to shop locally and support independent businesses,

“This is the second time Preston Markets has taken part in this promotion and traders have found it a great way to showcase their products.”

Councillor Boswell also thinks the support of Preston’s independent businesses from Prestonians is vital, he said,

“It is important the people of Preston support Preston Markets and independent businesses,

“Not just during Fiver Fest and benefit from the great value, local produce on offer.”

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