£1,000 Defibrillator Stolen From Preston Beauty Salon

A defibrillator costing £1,000 has been stolen from a beauty salon in Preston, leaving staff shocked and dismayed.

The equipment which has proven to save lives has been stolen from Flame Urban Spa at the junction of Garstang Road and Blackpool Road in the early hours of Monday (10th February).

Thieves were caught on CCTV entering the salon late Sunday evening/early Monday morning and stealing the device. The thieves also stole a mobile phone and cash from the till.

Manager Nicola Dickinson told the Lancashire Post that the funds used to buy the defibrillator were raised by the beauty salon after a staff member’s husband suddenly died of a heart attack.

“It’s such a shame after everything we did to fund this life-saving equipment,” said Nicola.

“We worked so hard to raise the money after one of our colleague’s lost her husband suddenly from a heart attack.

“It’s absolutely vital to saving lives, but these thieves just don’t care. What are they even going to do with it?

“It’s probably been dumped somewhere, so we’re asking people to keep their eyes open for it, as it could be anywhere now.

“The tips that our staff have worked so hard for, and the mobile phone, can be replaced but funding a new defibrillator will take a lot of work.

“We’re going to have to start from scratch with our fundraising, but that won’t stop us.

“We’re going to have open days, raffles and other things going on in the coming weeks to try and do everything we can to replace this life-saving machine as soon as possible.

“Together, as a community, we want to ensure that this reckless act will not result in a tragedy that could have been avoided with the defibrillator..

“Let’s just hope its not needed before its return.”

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