Preston North End Release Public Update On New ‘State-Of-The-Art’ Training Facility

Preston North End have released a statement to give fans an update on a planning application for a new training facility.

North End launched a plan to build a new ‘state-of-the-art’ training facility three years ago.

A statement released by the Club claimed that there had been no ‘substantive return from the housing planning’.

Preston North End have said they will continue to commit to their plans for a new training ground.

The statement read,

“Our planning submission was on a two-part basis, one for the training ground and the second for housing approval on adjacent land at Ingol, Preston.

“In all of our pre planning discussions it was made clear that the financing of the training ground could only be based on the delivery of the profit from the whole of the housing development. This remains the case.

“Some three years later we have still not received any substantive return from the housing planning and due to the detail of the consent we are unlikely to do so for a number of years.

“Our strategic objective for the site at Ingol is unchanged, however, the short term need to give our players the right facilities has led us to consider an interim solution that is cost effective, provides our players with enhanced facilities from those currently provided and can in the future be passed on to our senior Academy team who are currently located at UCLAN. Even following this move the U8s to U16s teams will continue to benefit from the UCLAN facilities.

“Following on from the above, we will have submitted a planning application to enhance our existing first team training facilities at Springfields. This solution is an affordable bridging solution in advance of maximising the return on the housing development at Ingol and has the added benefit of upgrading our U18 academy facilities as and when our first team relocate.”

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