Fulwood Residents Furious With Trees Left To Rot After Being Chopped Down

Residents living near the old LEP site on Eastway are voicing their concern about how trees have been chopped down and left in a heap.

Claire A’Bell lives in the area and raised the issue on Facebook, labelling the site an “Eyesore” and claims “Nothing is being done about it.”

The trees were chopped down in December 2019 and have been left there ever since along with traffic cones and barriers that have been discarded.

When asked about it Claire said,

“I feel its yet another fingers up to the community. The public seem to have no say any more,

“Whilst corporate companies do as they please destroying the area with mass developments and showing no respect or regard to the environment.”

Claire also questions the legality of the operation,

“I’m lead to believe there was no traffic management set in place whilst these trees were being cut down, so was this even legal?

“Why they have been cut down is unknown, but leaving them there along with concrete and rubbish it appears is absolutely unacceptable.”

“Along with being dangerous and yet another addition to the mess that’s being made of our local area, it is an environmental crime,

“Financial gain overrides preserving the environment for the future generations and we’ll never be able to turn the clock back on that.”

Daniel Duckworth, Preston City Councillor for Sharoe Green, has been working to try and get the site cleaned up.

Cllr Duckworth said “I have had a lot of complaints from residents regarding the state this site has been left as it looks an eyesore and ugly,

“I have been liaising with the owners (Euro Garages – Zuber & Mohsin Issa) since December 2019 when the work was started,

“Unfortunately they currently arent taking responsibility for the neighbourhood they are doing business in and it isn’t setting a positive image of the company or businesses on the site.”

Picture from April 2019 before the trees were chopped down (Credit: Google)

The fact it is on private land is causing issues for the clean up of the site.

“Although yes it is private land, in my opinion, they are still neighbours in the area and have a responsibility to their neighbours/local residents to keep their property tidy and safe,

“I have also been liaising with LCC Highways who have been a great assistance and they are currently looking into what can be done.”


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